Raquel Greer Gordian is an award-winning image consultant and personal stylist. She has worked with hundreds of women in Central Texas and internationally, building wardrobes that fit each client’s unique style and busy life.

Born and raised in Austin, Raquel cultivated her love of fashion and style at a very young age. She quickly discovered it was the creative outlet that allowed her to feel unique and understood in any situation.

It was in New York City, however, where Raquel discovered a deep love and understanding of the power of personal style. She made the move to NYC after graduating from college in New England—without a job or the certainty of what it might be when she found one.

During the course of five years, she sought to gain experience in every facet of the fashion industry: from personal styling to merchandising to management.

It was after she enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she received her degree in image consulting, that Raquel was able to develop a business that could positively change women’s lives.

Greer Image Consulting was born in August 2014 in a coffee shop in Brooklyn and the ideas behind it came to fruition a month later when Raquel moved back to Austin, Texas to launch the business and serve the women of her hometown.

Greer Image Consulting—now and from the beginning—has been about one simple thing: celebrating women through personal style.

Style is about creativity and self-expression, not labels and trends. It is about communicating yourself every day to the people around you—about being seen and heard.

What Raquel’s clients have always discovered—from her time in New York City to her current practice in Austin—is that style is your creative connection to other people. Too many of her clients have been misled to believe they don't have style; everyone does. Raquel helps women uncover it, and feel naturally beautiful, visible and empowered by it.

Raquel has shared her styling techniques and tips in many Austin media outlets including Studio512, We Are Austin, Austin Woman, and Austin Fit. She writes a monthly column for the Austin Business Journal called “The Austin Look” and regularly presents to professional and social organizations about how to develop a powerful image that supports and celebrates women in all aspects of their lives.